Peaceful silence of the stars

This is the text by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov of the video published on the front page of this blog. It is from The Path of Silence, the chapter called Revelations of a starry sky.

When I was young, in Bulgaria, I would sometimes climb up and spend the night at the top of Mount Mousalla. I would wrap myself up in several blankets and, stretching out on my back, gaze up at the starry sky. I’d try to link myself to the cosmic forces and entities of which the stars are only the physical aspect. I could not understand all they said to me, but I loved them; my whole soul glowed with the wonder of them while I lay and looked at them until, without realizing, I finally fell asleep.

Those were the years in which I discovered the extraordinary peace that floods your being when you spend a night on the mountain. I found myself transported to regions in which I felt and understood that the only activity that really matters in life is to become one with the cosmic Spirit that animates the universe. But often people cannot see the immensity, the infinite reaches of the heavens over their heads. If only they would lift their eyes to it, it would allow them to break the bonds that restrict them and allow them to breathe a purer air. Don’t be blind to that immensity; don’t deprive yourself of all the different opportunities that arise to lighten the burdens of daily life.

Whenever the sky is clear at night, go and gaze at the stars and drink in the peace that flows so sweetly from a starry sky. Put yourself in touch with each star and you will find that they respond and speak to you like living, intelligent souls. Try to pick out one with which you feel a special infinity and link yourself to it, imagine that you go and talk to it or that it comes and talks to you. The stars are very highly evolved souls. If you listen to them, you will find the solution to many of your problems and feel more peaceful and enlightened.

The more humanity evolves, the more the exchanges between us will be filled with light and love, like the exchanges between the constellations and the stars. One day, even war will become a war of love, with human beings sending each other rays of love, like the stars. War will never disappear entirely but it will be a different kind of war.

That is what I learnt when I used to sleep under the stars at night on the mountain of Rila, at 2,000 or 2,500 metres of altitude. Sometimes the snow would fall during the night and I would wake up entirely covered in snow! Ah, it was wonderful! I would go to sleep staring at the stars. That is how I discovered that the stars fight each other continually with light. And one, day humans will do the same thing. They will bombard each other with rays of love, with colours. Cosmic Intelligence will never suppress the human desire to fight. But it will be a different kind of war. No cannons and no bombs, but the weapons of light, of colour, of love…it will be war, but what a war! A war of light and love!

When human beings can admit that their souls and spirits meet on the spiritual planes where they become the great, universal family, then automatically they will no longer want to destroy each other.But as long as we insist on being separate, different, there will never be peace for humanity. Once we accept a new philosophy, a different philosophy, then peace will come.

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