A luminous aura attracts all blessings

Celestial entities love the light, and when they catch sight of someone who is surrounded by this light which initiatic Science calls the aura, they rush towards them.
If I ask you, ‘Do you really long for love, peace, health and beauty?’ you will all reply, ‘Oh, yes! We want nothing but this!’ So then, what are you doing to obtain them? All blessings cannot come to you simply by chance. The best way to attract them is to work on your aura: vivify it with your love, illuminate it with your wisdom, make it powerful with your strength of character, and make it clear and transparent with your purity. Even if you do no concentration exercises to develop the colors of your aura, simply working within to nourish the divine virtues will attract the beautiful colors corresponding to them. And then, celestial creatures who come to bathe in it will bring you their presents, and around you, human beings will feel nourished, calmed, strengthened and transported in a divine direction.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditations

If you would like to read more about how qualities are reflected by the colours of the aura and how to work on the aura- Cloak of many colours

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  1. What a surprise to know something so linking to personal inquiry about the colors and what do they represent. And the relationship to the angels. And defenetly ho to star developing my aura would naturally ensue for me how to develop such angelical protection aura?


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