Meditation for Springtime

You received so much this morning at sunrise, what is there left to add? I am here to interpret certain phenomena, to explain things to you, that is all…for the rest you must address yourself to the sun. Look at the work he does on all the little seeds that were fast asleep! He says, ‘What are you waiting for? It is time to give! Come on, get to work!’  ‘But we are too weak!’ ‘No,no. come on try! You will see, I will help you’, and the tiny seeds take courage. each day the sun warms them, caresses them, speaks to them and in a little while the most magnificent flowers appear to inspire poets, painters and musicians. Why should it not be the same for us?

We are seeds that have been planted somewhere in the spiritual soil, and when we are warmed by the sun’s rays, we give off colors and perfumes so exquisite that even the gods are in ecstasy. If we become like flowers, why would the Divine beings not come and marvel at us? And then they would take care of us and make us even more pure, more luminous and fragrant.

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