One night in Bethlehem- a meditation for Christmas Eve

I have been thinking about why, out of all the angelic hierarchies, it was the archangel Gabriel that gave the good news to the shepherds. And why were the shepherds the first to hear the news?

According to the master and the Jewish  Kabbala, Gabriel is the archangel governing the sephira Yesod. This sephira is linked to the moon and to the materialization of subtle energies, which is why it is also active in the germination of seeds and in child birth- the bringing of new life. Yesod is called ‘the foundation’ because it represents the essential  work of inner purification which all spiritual aspirants have to undergo. The aspect of God which Yesod represents is called Shadai El Hai- the Almighty Living God or God of  High Mountains.

Although simple guardians of sheep in appearance, the shepherds were spiritually awakened- while the world around them was asleep they were watching through the night. It was this vigilance and spiritual expectancy which allowed them to receive the visitation from Gabriel.-

” ‘Evangile’, the French word for ‘gospel’ has its origin in the Greek word ‘euanguelion’ which literally means good (eu)  news (anguelion). Now, what is news? It is the announcement of an event which was previously unknown. The angel (from the Greek ‘anguelion’: messenger) gave this news to the shepherds. So you can see the connection that exists between the two words ‘angel’ and ‘gospel’ ( the Old English word for ‘good news’). The angel said: ‘To you is born this day in the city of David a saviour’… Only, what we need to understand is the difference between a saviour and salvation. Humans have all sorts of ideas about what can save them…and of course, they always think of material means! But the salvation which Jesus came to give us is the teaching about  life,  life forever purer, more enlightened and more spiritual.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Sons and Daughters of God

Here is some more on the new life which Jesus came to bring-

“When you work seriously and in depth to purify yourself, light can flow into you more and more easily, and you begin to see more clearly, to be more lucid. The sickly, ailing particles in your body are eliminated and your physical health begins to improve; the weak particles hampering your will are also discarded and you become stronger. All that is dark and shadowy begins to disappear. If you were sad, you find yourself filled with joy, for joy is simply an aspect of purity; and the more you purify yourself, the more you will feel light-hearted, gay and joyful. And just as impurity leads to putrefaction, fermentation, dislocation and death, the exact opposite happens when you purify yourself; you draw closer to immortality. So health, power, knowledge, happiness and immortality are simply different aspects of purity.

This summarizes the whole of initiatic science; it is now up to you to verify it for yourselves.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Angels and Other Mysteries of the Tree of Life



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