What gives meaning to prayer?

We can only come into contact with God, the Cosmic Spirit, by coming into contact with the spirit within us, with our higher self. So when you pray to God, you are actually seeking to attain the summit of your being. And if you succeed, you will release a vibration which is so pure and subtle that its diffusion within you will produce the most beneficial transformations. And even if you fail to obtain what you have asked for in your prayers, at least you have gained a few very precious elements.

What gives meaning to prayer? The effort you have made to reach the summit within you. Thanks to this work you set in motion an energy out there, far off and very high, which on reaching you, produces vibrations of extreme subtlety – sounds, perfumes, and colours – that regenerate your entire being.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations 14th January 2017

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