The pyramid of light and the power of global prayer meetings

Inhabitants of the higher regions rejoice when they see hearths of light all over the earth. It gives them such joy and happiness. These little points of light are the bridge between heaven and earth. Without these links, without these centres, the earth would be invaded and annihilated by dark forces.  It is these luminous centres, radiating from all over the world, that sustains the souls of human beings, giving them what they need, their food, joy and happiness.  Today, I’ve decided to tell you a secret. What is an initiatic centre, with all its life and light, in reality? It is the summit of a mountain linking earth with heaven.

So you, disciples of light, you must manage to get together and form a gigantic, luminous pyramid, similar to the one that has risen above Agartha since time immemorial. Yes, for just as the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians were modelled on the pyramid of Agartha, in the same way, above all spiritual sanctuaries, above all places where meditations and prayers are held, there is a similar pyramid, formed of subtle particles emanating from the auras of participants.

Soon, you will understand better. Your consciousness will become clearer and vaster. You will form a pyramid that will rise up and be visible from numerous regions throughout the universe.

Without this pyramid, the salvation of humanity is impossible. Dear brothers and sisters, concentrate all your efforts on light. Become children of light. May light and peace be with you!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Extract from a lecture given at Izgrev, Sevres, Paris, -La Pyramide de Lumière – 8 avril 1947

Extract translated from the French by Susan at omraam-words-of-light

I guess it is clear to most of us that the world is in a state of crisis and the news is not getting any better- to put it mildly!.  I passionately believe this is all the more reason for we spiritualists to redouble our efforts- to concentrate on light, with an ever clearer focus  and to increase the fervour of our prayer and meditations.

I don’t believe it matters what spiritual tradition (if any) we come from as long as we are willing to do this inner work with the light to the best of our ability and, just as importantly, to forget the narrow, partisan concerns of the ego in order to unite with all people of goodwill in this essential task.

If, like me, you are unable to physically meet up with others every day, it is always possible to mentally connect with all the most luminous beings on earth- the saints, initiates and masters- and imagine that you are in their presence and participating in their work. I think that just 15-20 minutes morning and evening can be really effective – focus and intensity is more important than time spent though I guess if we are able to focus intensely for long periods of time, so much the better.

A group I meet up with fortnightly  pause for a minute at the hours of 12 3 6 and 9 every day (whenever possible) to say a short prayer and visualize sending light to humanity.

May the earth be encircled by a powerful, protective aura of light …..and may all beings live in universal peace and love.     SJJ

A global visualization for peace

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3 thoughts on “The pyramid of light and the power of global prayer meetings”

  1. Thank you so much, Susan, for all the inspiring posts. So powerful and informative, and so needed at this key turning point in human history.
    Love, Peace & Luminous Blessings to you and yours <3, L.

  2. Thank you for this thought. It finally hit me when making a parallel between what the master said and a remake of a movie Dr.Strange.
    Very beautiful blog. I love the master and his Teaching. Hoping to make a blog/site in the future with the Master’s Teaching in Romanian also.

    Light and Peace

  3. Hi Samuel. Thanks for your comment. I will take a look at the movie you mentioned!
    Good luck with creating your blog in Romanian. That is a great idea!
    God bless and have a happy, light-filled Christmas.


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