One with the limitless ocean

The limited cannot understand the limitless; so human beings, who are limited, cannot understand God, the limitless. Or, to be more precise, they cannot know him as long as they remain outside of him. They will only know him once they enter this immensity, merge with it and become part of it. As long as a drop of water is separate from the ocean, it cannot know the ocean, but when it returns to the ocean it can no longer be separated from it; the drop has become the ocean, it knows the ocean.

You will say, ‘But humans exist within the universe, they are part of it, they are not separate from this limitlessness, from this infinity that is God.’ Yes, but they are not conscious of it. And in fact, they often consciously separate themselves from God, to live their personal life cut off from cosmic consciousness and then declare that God doesn’t exist. So, if you want to know God, you must consciously merge with him, lose yourself in him. You will know him because you will have become him, you will be him.

Nature has a heart- the oceans

Rhythmic breathing- the universal ebb and flow

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