Prayer, the Universal Gift

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Prayer is the greatest gift that God has given us..

When you pray, your prayer is like a seed; tiny and yet already equipped to grow and bear fruit.You pronounce certain words; you concentrate on a luminous image. And it’s like a cry for help that you’ve launched towards heaven.

You need protection, you need help and you will only obtain this protection and help by linking yourself to the divine world.

The world is like a vast ocean in the dark of night. If you want luminous spirits from on high to come and help you, you have to light your lanterns. You must send up flares to let them know who you are. In other words, you have to radiate light. So that the sublime spirits can find you in the midst of darkness.

The Gospels tell us to pray, and to pray is to send light signals up to heaven. The invisible world will have nothing to do with a light that has been snuffed out. So if you want to attract their attention you must light your lanterns.

For true prayer is the attempt to establish a connection with the most sublime Being, with God. Through prayer, you link yourself to this great Being; to immensity, infinity and eternity.

Thanks to this link, you can attract elements from  higher worlds. And these elements possess an extraordinary power.

Some of the ordeals we are forced to endure affect the whole of society and are impossible to avoid. But those who respond naturally and spontaneously with prayer can overcome their trials. They struggle free from the darkness and heaviness of the earth to address the heavenly powers.

Call on the power of the spirit, and you will change your inner state and feel less overwhelmed. You will receive help from the light. And thanks to this help, you can also support and encourage others.

Jesus said, ‘When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your father who is in the secret place.’ This secret place is simply a higher state of consciousness. When you mange to create conditions of silence and peace within yourself, whenever you feel the inner need to express your love for the Lord, to be in communion with him, you are in that secret place.

This place can be in your heart, your mind or your soul. It is that state of intense concentration, peace and inner silence in which everything else fades away, there is only your prayer, only your inner word reaching out into space.

The best of all prayers:

We do not know what plans God has in mind for us, we must ask him to enlighten us, and if there are still some dark areas that we do not understand, we must implore him to take possession of us. We can say: Lord, I still do not understand, but please do what needs to be done. Make me do your will even without my knowing it. Use me, seize hold of me, take possession of me, come and dwell within me.

 When you say, ‘Lord God, enter into me and take the place of my lower nature; take the control of my life into your own hands,’ you are doing something that has an effect not only on the material particles of your physical body, but especially on the memory and on the ingrained patterns of your cells, and old habits are replaced by new faculties, qualities and virtues.

All other prayers contain a personal element, an element of self-interest. Whereas with this prayer you lay your life before him and say: ‘Yes, Lord, I am willing to die and disappear. Take my life but, I beg you, send heavenly entities to take the place of my lower nature so that I may serve you.’

This is one of the very best prayers you can possibly say.

A method to help you pray:

When you pray, unite yourself with the multitude of spirits who are concentrating at this same moment on the Lord. Imagine this entire, immense assembly of magnificent beings throughout the world who are addressing themselves to God, and unite with them.

If you want to make a request, the secret is not to remain alone, but to join a collectivity. When an individual makes a request to the government, no one listens, but if the demand comes from an entire people, it is taken into consideration.

When you join the collectivity of all those in the world who are praying, yours will no longer be a lone voice in the desert of life. It will be accompanied by the voices of thousands of others who are petitioning heaven for more light, more love and more justice on earth.

Always remember that within every human being there is an indestructible atom, the atom of prayer. God gave it the power, in all circumstances, to ask, to pray and implore.

This atom is God’s greatest gift to humanity.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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