Universal Spirit- video text

Here it the text of the video Universal Spirit. You can view it on YouTube here

When  I arrive in a new town and see great crowds of people in the streets, I think of how these men and women each have their own life, their own history, their problems to resolve, their suffering and their loves…

And of how there is a Being that sustains them all because it lives within them…

Centre your thoughts on this Universal Spirit, on the heavenly Father who created us, who carries and sustains us and lives in all his creatures.  You will escape the burden of everyday existence, and you will feel the connection between your earthly self  and your heavenly self begin to be restored.

Big sun and orange sunset sky.

An entity of light exists inside all human beings: their higher self, formed thanks to their thoughts, feelings and actions inspired by kindness, generosity, love and sacrifice. The differences which exist between human beings do not arise because their spirits are different. All spirits are flames, all spirits are sparks, quintessences; particles of Cosmic Intelligence. Just as each drop of sea water is an infinitesimal part of the ocean.

When they separated from God, each of these sparks passed through different regions. They followed different itineraries, but in their essence, in their quintessence, in their sublime nature, they are all the same. Forget about your differences in character, habits and tendencies, social background, or occupation. These play no role in spiritual life.Think about the great universal family that we need to form.

In appearance, each human being appears to be distinct and separate from everyone else. But a part of them is connected to the collective whole and lives in all creatures throughout the cosmos. Once you are conscious of this universality, it allows you to enter the heart and soul of others. Whenever you cause others to suffer, you experience the pain you have inflicted. You feel and understand that everything you do to others, both good and bad, you are doing to yourself. And that everything you think, feel, say and do returns to you, like an echo. This conscious universality is the spirit of brotherhood.

 To know something or someone is to penetrate to the heart of the being, and this can only be done through identification, by becoming one with the being you want to know. This is something that cannot be done by the intellect, only by the spirit.

Every day, with all your spirit and all your love, try to identify with the supreme being, the source of life, the first cause, the Father of all creatures.   There will be a moment when it will be as though God himself and all his splendour, all his power, love and wisdom were there within you.

Each individual is specific; Cosmic Intelligence wanted this diversity of creatures, and we should not try to bring them to the same level. Each one has the right to exist with their differences, their originality, as long as they are in harmony with the Whole… with the great body of nature, with the universe.

Remember, every day, that we are taking part in building the edifice of cosmic life. This includes all creatures; in the visible and invisible worlds, all the way to God himself. For Cosmic Intelligence is constantly re-creating Life; and  we have a conscious role to play.

God has left a living imprint inside each human being, a whole network of filaments connecting us to him; thanks to which, if we make the effort, we will find him. The invisible world never ceases sending harmonious currents to the earth to lead human beings toward unity. Those of you who are ready to receive these currents must wait no longer but set to work. The day we achieve this unity will be the most beautiful moment in human history.

Perhaps you think it is not possible to bring light and peace to all the people on earth, as there are so many of them! Of course, if you look at it like that, you’re right. But when you know certain methods, it becomes possible. Here is an exercise you can do…

Imagine the whole world as a single being. Imagine holding their hand, sending them lots of love. At that moment, tiny particles spread out from your soul and move off in all directions. These particles spread to all human beings inspiring them with feelings of generosity, of brotherly, sisterly love.

If thousands of us were to send this love, a new breath, a divine breath would pass through all beings on earth and inspire in them an ideal of peace and light.

Love the whole world.

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