The Cosmic Being that dwells within

We should understand the Lord exists right there within us, and at the same time remember that we are a part of him, an infinitesimal particle, that He is the whole and we are a particle of this whole.

If you pray to the Lord thinking he is somewhere beyond the stars, how do you expect your prayer to reach Him? Yes, it is true that prayer travels throughout the universe; but it takes so long for it to cross infinite space! On the other hand, if the Lord is right here within you, all you have to do is say, “Hello, Lord!” and immediately you have established a connection.

Of course, it isn’t easy to conceive of the Lord as inseparable from us. But there are some exercises which allow you to achieve this. Those of you who are disciples of a spiritual teaching already know you must learn to free your consciousness from the limited circle of your lower nature. For that allows it to fuse into the unlimited consciousness of the Cosmic Being who lives within you; of whom you do not have a clear understanding. That Being, that part of the Divinity, is within you, and you must unite it.

It is important you understand there are two poles: you are here on earth, with the consciousness you have of yourself, that is, of your lower self. And then there is your sublime Self, of whom you are not conscious. That divine Self is right there, living and working within you, you do not know what it does yet, but from here below, you can imagine this sublime Being who dwells within you. It tries to manifest itself through you so as to know itself through the dense matter of your physical body and human nature.

This sublime being know Himself above but He wants to know Himself through you, through your opaque matter. Because of the effort you make to imagine your higher Self coming closer to you, one day you will experience a sate of enlightenment and your consciousness will have no limit. You will be in the light, in the dazzling air, and you will feel one with this sublime Being, your higher Self.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The true Meaning of Christ’s Teaching

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