Good Friday-sacrifice and the beauty of the new life

By accepting to die on the cross, Jesus made a sacrifice, and we must meditate on this in order to measure the grandeur of it, and to link ourselves to it through thought. But in the new life which the Christ is now proposing, it is not recommended that we dwell on the suffering of the cross, because the Christ also manifests through beauty, joy and light. In the new society, it is thoughts of the glory of Christ that must nourish our inner life. Heaven rejoices that we no longer kiss the ground and kneel beside graves, because there is a more glorious future in store for us.
And if there are dead to be tended to, it is not those in the cemeteries, but those buried deep inside us: our old habits and our old misconceptions. These are the dead we must seek out and be done with! When we succeed in this, we too will enter into the glory of Christ.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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