The magical powers of music

“While you listen to music, learn to work with it; use it to form a mental picture of all the things you wish for. You want so many things- and yet you do nothing to get them! Music gives you all possibilities and the very best conditions, for it creates an atmosphere that is like a strong wind filling your sails and driving your ship on towards a new world. Music is a powerful aid in making things come true. Instead of letting your mind wander aimlessly, fix it firmly on the most ardent  desires of your heart. If it is health you need, imagine yourself to be the picture of health: see yourself in all your activities – walking, talking or eating- radiant and glowing with health and communicating health to all around you. If it is intelligence and light that you need, if you are always getting things wrong and making a fool of yourself, use music to help you imagine that you are learning and understanding things, that light is flooding into you, even that you are spreading it around and sharing it with others. Work in this way to acquire whatever it is you want- beauty, strength, will-power, perseverance, and so on- and to remedy whatever deficiencies you sense in yourself…

Everybody listens to music, but only  initiates know how to listen to it in such a way as to project themselves into space and rise to greater, nobler heights, to purify themselves or even to solve certain problems. When we listen to a piece of music, we must first of all know whether it is a force for good or for ill; what it represents and what comparison it suggests. Is it like the wind of like thunder? Is it like a cataract or a waterfall tumbling down the mountainside? Is it like electricity? Or heat? Whatever the energy it emits you must learn to use it. If it suggests the wind, you can imagine that you are on a ship in full sail. If it suggests electricity, you can use it to set in motion your spiritual ‘appliances’ and so on.  Music is a force. each sound, each vibration triggers a movement in space and releases certain forces in human beings.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Know Thyself- Jnana Yoga

Here’s a piece by Vivaldi I have been using for meditation recently- I find it really uplifting and energizing – it provides a lot of mental energy! SJJ

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