Divine love – the greatest power there is

The Master Peter Deunov used to say, ‘If you nurture within yourself the idea of love in its most sublime form, you receive help from thousands upon thousands of loving souls, for love implies the collective work of a multitude of souls joined together by the idea of love. Divine love is the greatest power there is. Never doubt this truth, if you wish the souls working in its name to always remain close to you.’
These words deserve to be meditated upon, chewed over and digested, for they open up amazing horizons for us. Once we have arrived at this divine conception of love, we shall attract thousands of souls from on high, who will come to help us and support us. Human language is weak when it comes to expressing the joy of those who are visited by love such as this. They need only catch sight of a man’s or woman’s face in passing to feel fulfilled.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Here is a video Life is based on Love which includes this meditation and photos of nature SJJ

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