Two Daily Meditations for New Year’s Day 2021

Here are two meditations for New Year’s Day, from the Daily Meditations. Hope they give you renewed hope after such a difficult year!

Light is at the end of the tunnel! Happy New Year. May 2021 bring you all the blessings of light and divine love. SJJ

This morning, you already speak of yesterday as ‘last year’. All day yesterday, until the very last second before midnight, in fact, until eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds, it was still the old year. On the stroke of midnight, the New Year began.
If you take the time to think about this, you will make some interesting discoveries. A single second divides one year from the next. However, before you reach that final second, you have to go through the long succession of days that lead up to it. Well, you should know that the transformation of a human being follows the same pattern. Yes, the spiritual transformation of a human being happens in the blink of an eye. In no more than a split second, a person can be totally renewed and regenerated, but this crowning moment can come only after they have worked and striven towards it for hundreds and thousands of years.
Just as with the year gone by, the period leading up to the moment of transfiguration will be referred to as the old life; and just as with the New Year, the period dawning at that moment will be known as the new life. How long will we have to wait before this final second arrives? You need not worry about that, it will come for each one of you. So be patient, you must learn to wait. But while waiting you must work.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditation 1st January, 2021

Let the light in!

On New Year’s Day in some countries it is traditional for children to get up very early, and to go out and knock on their neighbours’ doors. As soon as the door is opened, they offer wishes and blessings so that the whole year may be favourable for the people who live there. I also knew this custom in Bulgaria. On the morning of the first day of January, children were sent to the houses in the neighbourhood to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In their hands they held a small branch of dogwood to which they sometimes tied ribbons, and they had to touch everyone in the house with this branch and wish them well. Because children are pure and innocent, they are thought to bring only good things, and it is important that the year should begin under the auspices of purity and blessings.
These are traditions that should be respected, if not outwardly, at least inwardly. On the first day of the year, you too must think of the first visit you will receive, of the first presence you will welcome within you, and prepare yourself. Make sure that this first visitor is the light, so that your whole year will be filled with light.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditation 1st January, 2017

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