The brave heart of a snowdrop

The snowdrop, which flowers toward the end of winter, announces the imminent arrival of spring. Study it: with what willpower and courage it commands the snow and the earth, ‘Let me through! I want to come up!’ And yet it is fragile, it has such tender, delicate petals, and the slightest thing can harm it. But the earth and the snow obey it, they make way for it, and it comes up and flowers. How does it make the earth open up? It possesses an irresistible force within the tiny stem that is starting to come up, and so it prevails. Because love always prevails!
So, what about you? Do you not have greater means than a snowdrop at your disposal? Yes, you do. Only, you do not have enough faith and willpower to tell events, difficulties and limitations, ‘Move out of the way! Let me through! I want to come up. I want to admire and praise the Creator!’ If you persevere like the snowdrop, you will always succeed in freeing yourself, and you will win.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations

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The creative spirit is above destiny

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10 thoughts on “The brave heart of a snowdrop”

  1. ‘Go on, get out of the way! I want to come up!’ This one comment you make in your presentation. Yet the last comment of the paragraph is: Because love always prevails!
    I have a problem with the comparison. The first comment sounds “bossy”, “commanding”, and rude. Such a comment from anyone would cause the “hearer” to be taken-aback. I personally would Not feel as though I had been spoken to “lovingly”. It would affect my day negatively. What does such an approach have to do with LOVE?
    Of course, with humans, it’s the nastier, bossy ones who seem to get ahead. Yet we are taught that the “meek” will inherit the earth. It’s the strong fighters that get somewhere. Yet one does not need to be nasty to be strong and get what is necessary for helping one’s neighbor.

  2. Hi Tracy
    Thanks for your comment. I understand what you mean-‘Go on, get out of my way’ doesn’t sound vey loving. But in the image, the snowdrop isn’t talking to human beings but to the snow and earth that are blocking its growth and blossoming. They are symbolic of all the difficulties and obstacles we encounter on the path to spiritual unfoldment. The message I received from this text is to not remain passive before difficulties but to use all the resources that heaven has put within human beings – our love, our intelligence, imagination and willpower to respond to all the obstacles we encounter on our upward path with determination so that we eventually emerge triumphant. I think it is an acknowledgement that the spiritual path is not easy. We may sincerely wish to grow and evolve spiritually but there are opposing forces in life that hinder this upward momentum or bring us down if we are not vigilant and persevering.
    An added problem is that a lot of this ‘snow and earth’ is found within our own lower nature in the form of laziness!
    I hope that helps. It is a passage I absolutely love. It has helped me through so much.

    • Hi Susan, Thank You so much for replying!
      I understand your explanation. Perhaps the Snowdrop could say, ” Excuse Me! I’m ready to come through! Move out of the way, please!” (Note the exclamation points.) They are intended to express excitement with assertion, but spoken in a “friendly” tone. This seems to me, unaggressive yet assertive. This sort of comment would make me feel respected (a loving feeling to give), and I would then feel pleased to grant the “speaker’s” request. I would feel glad that the “speaker” not only had a goal, but was ready to begin pursuing it.
      Thank you for this conversation. It stimulates my spirit.

      • Hi again, Tracy
        Thanks for starting this conversation- it really got me thinking! It’s just occurred to me that the ‘love’ the master referred to in this image is the snowdrop’s love for the sun. The force that makes the tiny shoot push upwards from under the ground is its love of the light and of the creator!

        • Oh! Yes! Love for the sun, which the Creator provides for the Snowdrop, The melting snow is the way He lets the snowdrop know that the right time, His time, is NOW. The water trickles down, making the soil “soften-up” a bit, providing the first bit of nutrient the plant needs to stretch itself upward, toward Life, Light and Love.
          Nice. Too bad we don’t pay much attention when we get a signal that it is His time for us to do… whatever it is He wants us to do.
          Best wishes, Tracy

  3. I enjoy admiring and praise the Creator!’ I have fun collecting phrases from the bible that praise the Creator. I make them into little ? prayers? Actually presentations to read to the Creator, as the word “prayer” means to ask for. I’m not asking for things when I’m praising. So I guess I simply talking to ? Him ? with nice words/phrases. Quite a lot of “plagiarizing”. ^_^ But since I don’t publicize… Tee Hee! Just between me and Him.
    Nice chatting with you, Tracy

      • I apologize for not responding to you. I still don’t understand WordPress, but now it’s on my “menu bar”, so now at least I’ll remember it’s there and can get to it. By the way, I have an email file just for your posts. Thank you so much for your consistency. Best Wishes, Tracy


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