Meditation New Year 2020

man standing on summit looking at the sun

Imagine that centuries ago, a shepherd in the mountains was idly tracing a small furrow in the ground with his staff. It was just a small furrow, but then came the rain, snow, frost, wind and sun, and little by little, this furrow grew deeper and wider until it turned into the bed of a torrent. What can we learn from this image? That the same phenomenon occurs with human beings. Every thought, every feeling is like a furrow drawn in our own inner earth, and all the psychic and spiritual forces circulating in space serve to make this furrow …

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Daily Meditation Christmas Eve

“Daily life is difficult, the source of much tension; in families, at work and in society, people have to hold so much of their energy in check just to be able to bear all the demands on them and to cope! And every now and then, these energies need to be released. Initiates understood this well. That is why, as far back as you can go, they instituted popular festivals at certain times of the year corresponding to specific configurations in astronomy. Even Christian festivals, for the most part, are simply relics of ancient pagan festivals in a different form …

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