Etheric double imprints help form our habits

In our physical body, each of our organs’ cells has a memory-bearing etheric double. All of our cells, especially those making up the grey matter and white matter of our brain and solar plexus, record our actions, desires, feelings and thoughts. These recordings are kinds of negatives or imprints, and once etched, they tend to repeat themselves- this is how habits come to be. So if you want to replace old habits with new and better ones, you must change these imprints by striving to act according to the new orientation you wish to acquire. This requires constant vigilance, but tell yourself that vigilance is the secret to success.

So make sure that every gesture, every word, every thought, every feeling becomes an opportunity to etch the prints of a new life within you. These new negatives put you in contact with the regions of light in the universe. And because these regions dwell within you too, they will give you the purest currents and the most precious particles to create within you the body that initiatic tradition calls the body of glory.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Mediations 13th October, 2019

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