How to regenerate your cells

Disciples of Initiatic Science, through their thoughts, feelings and ideals, seek to bring about transformation to even the very heart of their own cells. They know that the billions of cells making up their physical body are home to small souls and that each one of them was given a specific activity. For a cell is not a simple particle of matter occupying any old place in the body. Each cell behaves like a worker who knows the work they must carry out in the part of the body where they are situated, and the smooth functioning of the whole depends on the work they do.

It is hard to explain the connection linking human beings to all the souls in their body. But this connection does exist and it becomes very strong when a person realizes that, through the life they lead and by working with thought, they can link with their cells and regenerate them. In seeking to master, purify and enrich their own psychic life, not only do they influence the physical particles in their body, they also have an effect on their memory; and so all their bad tendencies and bad habits gradually give way to new and better behaviour.

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Our relationship with our cells

Initiatic science tells us that each cell of our body is a living creature, a minute, intelligent soul, which breathes and eats, and secretes and projects certain substances. Just think of all the different types of cells in the body and how they work differently: the cells of the stomach, the brain, the heart, the liver, the sexual organs, and so on, are all specialists in their own particular field. And the sum total of these little creatures and their activity constitutes our individual intelligence. Yes, our intelligence is built on that of all these tiny cells: we are dependent on them and they on us; together we constitute a unit. On the physical plane we can do nothing without the consent of our cells; the day they stop working, all the different organs and systems of our body- digestion, elimination, respiration, etc- stop functioning.

Human beings are the synthesis of the different levels of intelligence that coexist within them. This is why we must get into the habit of ‘visiting’ our cells and communicating with them. And you know, they look forward to our visits. They are always there, ready and waiting to serve us, whereas we neglect and abandon them, we do not care one jot about them. People who smoke, for instance, or drink immoderately are damaging the lovely cells that dwell in their heart and lungs, they turn a deaf ear to the complaints and pleas of these cells and continue to ill- treat them, even to the point of making themselves ill.

You must treat your inner population with love and care, and then, if anything starts to go wrong, they will warn you and you can take precautions. In this way you will avoid many unpleasant situations. Otherwise no on will warn you of approaching problems, and at the last minute, when it is already too late to take preventative measures, you will wonder why you were not forewarned. But if you know how to relate to your cells, they will keep you informed of the slightest problem, for they love you.

Loving thoughts and kind words can do your organs and limbs a great deal of good. Your health would be greatly improved if you developed the habit of thinking of your cells and talking to them for just a few minutes every day.

Try this exercise: place your hand on your solar plexus and speak to your cells. Ask them to cure all your health problems, but remember to thank them for all the good work they do. You can be sure that they will hear you, because your solar plexus governs all the unconscious functions: secretions, growth, circulation, digestion, elimination, respiration and so on. In this way you can talk to your cells and they will listen to you, and the greater your faith and your power of thought, the more effective the exercise will be.

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