Harmony and health – communicating with our cells

Photo: Human skin cells under microscope “The cells of our body are small intelligent souls. There is a whole population inside us, a population with which we can communicate and which it is our task to educate. Are you aware of it? No, or very rarely. This is why your cells do not obey you. You would like to improve the state of your liver, your stomach, your heart, your brain and so on, but you can’t – the cells of all those organs do not obey you. You don’t have any authority over them; they have a will of their own.
Initiatic Science, which has studied the psychic anatomy of human beings and the rules governing its workings, teaches us that we can give commands to make the cells of our organs obey us. But we have first to accept the idea that they are intelligent, conscious beings and learn to communicate with them through our thoughts by sending them rays of light and love.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Harmony and health


Photo credit: Neuron cell under microscope by Barbara Friedman

The master told us an anecdote of how he used this method of talking to his cells to cure himself of a liver problem. When he was very young, before meeting master Peter Deunov, his spiritual fervour led him to spend a great  amount of time on spiritual exercises and long fasts which eventually impacted his  physical health. When he met Peter Deunov (who was a trained doctor, in addition to being a musician and  spiritual master) Deunov gave him a very simple method to cure his liver. He told the young Mikhael to sip cups of very hot water, very slowly, while at the same time communicating with the cells of his liver. Mikhael obeyed (with a lot of faith and love!) and was astonished to find that this simple method was very effective- his liver was eventually cured completely.

I’d like to share something from my own experience: My mother was left totally paralysed after a serious stroke which destroyed the majority of her brain cells. In fact, my sister and I had been called from the USA and NZ as doctors did not expect her to live. That night, while resting in the visitors’ room next door to my mother, I prayed to God and the master to ask whether it was the will of God that my mother lived or died. To my great surprise and happiness, I received a very clear message that she could live but that I should address my prayer to the archangel Raphael.

So I prayed to this archangel and again received a very clear message- I should do the physical/spiritual exercises (the gymnastics practised by disciples of the two masters, OMA and Peter Deunov) on behalf of my mother, concentrating in particular on the 2nd movement-

May all my cells be filled with divine harmony, vitality, magnetism and light. For the greater glory of God.

So I got up and did these exercises at 3 am in the hospital room. Immediately afterwards. I felt a great inner peace and an inner certainty that my mother would recover from her stroke.

It took 3 months but she eventually walked unaided from the hospital and her life returned to normal. All the doctors who saw her post-stroke brain scan were astonished.  SJJ

Here is a video of the master doing these exercise at the Bonfin (subtitled in English)




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  1. I discovered the teachings of the master in 2019 and the Teaching has given me much hope towards restoring my health. Thank you for creating this beautiful blog to share with our brothers and sisters.


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