The mystery of love-who are you, who am I?

Love- there is nothing that human beings need more, but there is also nothing that causes them so much doubt and confusion. One day, a young man came to visit me: he told me he was engaged to be married, he loved his fiancee and he was sure that she loved him back, but in spite of that he still asked himself certain questions.

He had difficulty putting what he felt into words but in the end he said, ‘When I gaze into my fiancee’s eyes, I don’t really know who I’m looking at, and I don’t know who it is in me that’s looking at her either.’

I was astonished by the subtlety of this remark, for it is true, the identity of beings is a great mystery. What are the entities that live inside us and what are those that inhabit our friends, our family and all those around us? We do not know. For in reality, each person is a dwelling place inhabited successively by spirits of differing natures, and so it is fundamentally impossible to know exactly who you have in front of you.

So I said to this young man, ‘This is what I can tell you. The young girl you love is inhabited by invisible beings who are the cause of what you love in her. So pray that God does not allow these benevolent entities to leave her and leave you, for if that happens you will lose your love. And pray also that the entities living in yourself, which are what make her love you, never leave you either.’ I sensed he was listening to me very attentively and he left in a very thoughtful mood. So, what about you, does it not give you something to think about as well?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The Philosopher’s Stone – Chapter 5

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