Month: April 2020

Breathing head

Deep breathing from the diaphragm- its spiritual benefits

You must realise that, in order to undertake spiritual work of any kind you must be sure that you eat and breathe harmoniously. The two processes are governed by the same laws. Just as it is bad to swallow your food without chewing it, it is bad, also, to breathe so rapidly that the air does not have time to expand your lungs and fill them right down to the bottom. You must draw deep, slow breaths and even, from time to time, hold the air in your lungs for a few seconds before breathing out again. Why? In order to ‘chew’ it. Yes, your lungs are capable of ‘chewing’ air, just as your mouth chews food. The air we breathe is like a mouthful of food, a mouthful of extraordinary forces and energies. If you let it out again too quickly, the lungs don’t have time to ‘cook’, ‘digest’ and assimilate it so that the whole body can benefit from what it contains. This is why so many people are tense and irritable: they …

Rhythmic breathing- the universal ebb and flow

‘Everything breathes- trees, oceans, even stones… The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars too. Yes, they breathe in and out and the influence of their respiration is felt even here on earth…. Respiration can reveal great mysteries to you, but only when you accompany it with some mental work. As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your Self, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again  you expand and again you contract… In this way you will discover the movement of the ebb and flow which is th key to all the rhythms of the universe. When you become conscious of this movement within your own being, you enter into the harmony of the cosmos and establish a relationship of exchange between yourself and the universe for, as you breathe in, you inhale elements from space and , as you breathe out, you send out into space …

Young woman in prayer

Creative Prayer- long extract from The Powers of Thought

People have a great many misconceptions about prayer. They imagine that what counts are the words they use. No, very often your words fall short of the mark, they never manage to get up to heaven. Your mouth may murmur words, but you are not really praying if nothing vibrates within you. To be sure, the words you say are very important for the realisation of your prayer, but only if your desire and your thought are already powerful on the spiritual plane; if this is the case, then the words are like a signature which allows the forces on high to be set in motion. Suppose that you want to awaken a feeling of love for God in yourself: as feelings are a purely psychic reality, you do not need to use words; you can achieve this simply through the strength of your desire. But if you want to obtain something on the physical, material plane, then the spoken word is necessary. But, in spite of this, it is the intensity of your thoughts …

Turtle swimming in sunlight underwater

A beam of sunlight- what is it in reality?

A beam of sunlight is really a flood of billions of particles, each one containing a fantastic amount of knowledge about the sun and its inhabitants. When you learn to receive these sunbeams and to understand and interpret their meaning, they will bring you not only the sun’s knowledge, but the sun’s love for all creatures, as well as its life and its strength. The majority of humans gain almost nothing from the sun because they are quite happy to look at it while thinking of other things. But its much better to learn about the nature of these rays of light, and be ready to receive them so as to benefit from all their riches. Sunbeams can give you anything and everything but only if there is a door open within you. Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov For more on the benefits of Surya Yoga (Sunrise Meditation) : New vibrations at sunrise Drink light In the first light of dawn