Video:Meditate on light…

People think there is nothing they can do to help or improve humanity as a whole. Well, it might seem like an impossible task- it is certainly gigantic-but if you learn certain methods, you will see that all of a sudden it becomes possible…Try to imagine, for instance, that the whole of humanity is condensed into a single being, standing there by your side, and you hold the hand of this being and give them quantities of light and love. When you do this, some minute particles go out from your soul, and the love you give this one being reflects on every being in the world; they begin to  conceive nobler thoughts and desires in their heart.If hundreds and thousands of people on earth did this exercise, you would see the breath of a new, divine spirit in humanity, and without knowing how or why, they would one day wake up to find themselves completely transformed.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   A New Earth

This video today can be used as a guided meditation on light.

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