The Voice of Silence

“Silence, peace and harmony are all expressions of the same reality. Do not think that silence is empty and mute, no, silence is alive and vibrant, it speaks and sings. One day, thanks to contemplation, prayer and meditation, you will manage to hear the voice of silence. Once all the chaotic forces within you have finally subsided, silence will draw closer, it will spread all around you and enfold you in its marvelous mantle…

You must understand that silence is the condition absolutely indispensable for the true Word, for true revelations. During silence, little by little, you begin to sense the messages which come to you, a voice begins to speak to you. It is this voice which warns, guides and protects you….. If you do not hear it, it’s because you are making too much noise, not only on the physical plane, but also in your thoughts and feelings. If you want this voice to speak to you , you must install silence within yourself.  This voice is sometimes called ‘the voice of silence’; which is even the name of certain books of oriental wisdom. When the Yogi manages to achieve inner peace and even still his thoughts- because thought processes also make a noise-  he then hears this voice of silence which is the voice of God, himself.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Revelations of a starry sky

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