Looking for love…..

You are looking for love, and you believe it will come to you from outside, in the form of a being who will be exactly the way you expect them to be: pleasant, good-looking, generous, patient… perfect! Although you yourself are grumpy, selfish, quick-tempered, love must show itself in the form of an angel!

Well, no, that is not how things happen. The love you attract will be a reflection of yourself. You could hold an angel or archangel in your arms, but if you have not opened yourself up to the divine world, you would feel nothing of their splendour.

What I am telling you is nothing extraordinary. We often observe people in daily life who, in spite of the affection of their family and friends, live in great inner solitude and feel completely isolated or even persecuted by the whole world. Well, unfortunately not everyone can feel and appreciate the love of others.

Love is a quality of divine life. That is why you will find true love only if you manage to let this life flow within you, a life that has been purified and illuminated thanks to your spiritual work.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations

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