New Year’s Eve Meditation

“Tomorrow a new year begins, and you can begin to make ready for it consciously by focusing on a goal: a quality you want to develop, a bad habit you want to lose, a project you want to carry out for the glory of God. With this thought, this wish, it is as if you are laying the first stone, and then all the luminous nature spirits will contribute their help, so that you can realize your divine plan. These should be your thoughts on this last day of the year. Unfortunately, you won’t meet many people concerned with such things. Most are getting ready to indulge in all kinds of excess. Can you be surprised, then, if the year goes badly for them? So you at least, who are disciples of the divine school, do your best to see in the new year with the light as your focus.” …

“If you want the new year to be truly new for you, think of it as a living, wealthy being that can bring you great gifts of joy, peace and love. But you will only be able to receive these gifts if you provide space within you to welcome them. Inspect your  heart and mind, and chase away all kinds of old things you have allowed to accumulate. The end of the year must be the time for a big clean. So, make space within you to receive the new year in purity and light.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  

The New Year

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