You shape your future every day, every hour

When you decide to start a project, be aware that you shape your future every day, every hour, and even every second. When you have a good thought, or a good feeling, this sets you instantly on the path of light. But if a few minutes later a person or an incident triggers a selfish, unjust thought, or a feeling of anger, or a desire for revenge, your orientation changes, and you veer towards darkness. And even if on the physical plane, no change can be seen immediately – as these thoughts and feelings do not have time to materialise – something has changed in the higher regions, in the direction you are taking.

When  a certain lever is pulled, the train changes tracks. Well, that is what people do every day, sometimes a hundred or a thousand times a day: once in the right direction, once in the wrong direction – they change tracks. Since everything is recorded, each of these changes is recorded too. If they do not produce anything permanent on the physical plane, it is because they neutralize each other. Do you want to one day live only in the light? Then make sure your determination remains unchanged and hold on to it without faltering.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       Daily Meditation 6th January 2018

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