To obtain results, it’s numbers that count.

I found this Daily Meditation today about seeking ‘first the kingdom of God’ I think the master’s thought is also relevant to the political situation in many places today. It encourages the efforts of all those people out there who are demonstrating for positive action on climate change such as children and teenagers all over the world. It also speaks to those such as myself who are demanding a democratic say on political decisions that affect their future. Every single participant counts- we should never leave the work and effort to others! (SJJ)

‘How have revolutions taken place in the past? Did all the participants have to be politicians, lawyers, philosophers, scientists or generals? No, but all were present and united -scientists, uneducated people, the competent and incompetent, the weak and strong -and together they emerged victorious!

Every day we see this type of event reported in the media but do we understand? You might wonder what there is to understand. Well, there are many things and, in particular, we need to realise that to obtain results it is the number of people uniting that counts. Whether individuals in a crowd are competent or well-educated is of secondary importance. Whoever they may be, the important thing is that they have united with all the others in their demand for change.

And in order to ask for the kingdom of God, what is important? Of course, everyone needs to make an effort to develop themselves inwardly, and to move forward on their spiritual path. But, above all, it’s important that they unite with all the others. For only then will their request be heard.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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