Jesus, MLK, and non-violent, non-passive resistance

Martin Luther King

In the passage below, from ‘The True Meaning of Christ’s Teaching’ Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov argues that Jesus’ teaching on turning the other cheek should not be interpreted as an instruction to remain submissive and passive in the face of injustice and mistreatment but to demonstrate moral and spiritual superiority to your enemies. This is exactly the method which Martin Luther King used to fight back against racial injustice in the states. Just as Gandhi had done previously in South Africa and India and Nelson Mandela used in his struggle to end Apartheid.

Meditation, contemplation, concentration

“Meditation is an activity of the mind- an attempt to deepen your understanding of spiritual truths. Contemplation, on the other hand, is an activity of the heart or soul- you dwell on an image, a quality or a virtue in order to rejoice in its light and beauty and be in communion with it. And on a higher level still, there is the magical activity of identification by which the will and the spirit identify with the creator in order to create. Some days you will feel inclined to work with the mind: to think and search and ponder, this is …

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To obtain results, it’s numbers that count.

Climate change demonstrators

I found this Daily Meditation today about seeking ‘first the kingdom of God’ I think the master’s thought is also relevant to the political situation in many places today. It encourages the efforts of all those people out there who are demonstrating for positive action on climate change such as children and teenagers all over the world. It also speaks to those such as myself who are demanding a democratic say on political decisions that affect their future. Every single participant counts- we should never leave the work and effort to others! (SJJ) ‘How have revolutions taken place in the …

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