The new life will come thanks to women

The new life will come thanks to women, all women, because they possess the matter in which this new life can manifest.

The feminine principle possesses the keys to realization in matter. It is this principle that materializes, whether it be good or evil. It is the role of women to bring children into the world, but children can also be the symbol of any accomplishment on the psychic and spiritual planes. The same laws apply on whatever plane – physical, psychological or spiritual. 

Women are formed in such a way that very subtle particles or etheric matter emanate from them, and this matter can be used to embody ideas and projects, or give them a body. As such, all women must be aware of their powers and decide what projects they wish to associate themselves with. The salvation of humanity depends on the direction women will take. Just like the plane of archetypes where there is only one Woman at the top, the divine Mother, all women on Earth can unite to form one woman, the collective woman who will give birth to the new life.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations

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