Why our democracies fail

If humans have no real criteria with which to analyse the motives for their expectations and demands, the political arena will remain a place of confrontation. Just how many times throughout history have there been revolutions and changes in regime! But regardless of the intended reforms, there can be no real progress until there is a change in consciousness and mentality.
Only when humans choose to abandon the narrow confines of their selfish appetites will the changes they propose bring real improvements. Until then, we will continue to see the same relentless efforts of a few ambitious and greedy people vying fiercely for the positions that will bring them more power and money. But how many of them truly prepare themselves for the great task that really lies before them? And as for those who elect them, do they not do so in the hope to in turn satisfy their own greed?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations

I chose an image showing a wax work of Nelson Mandela to accompany this passage. For me, he became a true political leader following the transformation of mentality and consciousness which took place during his long struggle against apartheid. As for Putin….. SJJ

2 thoughts on “Why our democracies fail”

  1. Great extract chosen concerning the world of politics.
    Mayhem is Building and Man has no interest in “Knowing Self” in
    this chaotic World ! Political Science, holds all the answers to the turbulence
    of confusion to many, but not to those who take the PATH seriously.

    Nelson Mandela, was a GREAT LEADER to South Africa. Many adversities
    were faced with courage and FAITH in One alone. Not Many could have faced
    these difficulties without the option of “Suicide” !! Confinement to a cell on
    Robin Island for 28 years – and not knowing Tomorrow. He had a great
    spiritual Insight also.

    Thank you for choosing this article Susan.
    One final question. You didn’t complete,,,,,As for Putin ?

    Take Care Sister – Peace & Blessings.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Roger. I totally agree that Nelson Mandela was a great leader. I wish there were more like him, with his evolved consciousness in the present chaotic times.
    I think Putin is an extreme example of the unevolved politician the master was referring to- i e his interference in the democratic processes of other nations and crimes against human beings.
    Best wishes


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