Daily Meditation for Christmas Day 2018

Creation is the work of the masculine principle and the feminine principle. As soon as these two opposing and complementary poles find themselves in each other’s presence they set to work to create. And because this law applies in all the regions of the universe, it also governs the behaviour of human beings. From the moment a man and a woman meet, he becomes active and dynamic, whereas she becomes receptive. But there are obviously exceptions.

Initiates, who have gone much deeper into the understanding of all natural phenomena, have learnt to use this law of polarisation in spiritual life. Of course, in spiritual life it is not men and women that are at work, but divine principles, and in order to develop within them the feminine qualities of receptiveness, humility, gentleness, goodness and obedience, initiates put themselves in the presence of the masculine principle- the heavenly father. And to develop the masculine qualities of strength, willpower and boldness, they enter into contact with the feminine principle- the divine mother. Because they work on the masculine and feminine powers alternately, an initiate is capable of bringing the divine child- the Christ – into the world.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanho Daily Meditations

Many people (including myself) are tempted to feel despair at what feels like the world’s descent into darkness when we contemplate many of the political and aggressive events of the past year. We are living in extremely troubled times. But it’s all the more reason for those of us who cherish a spiritual ideal and viewpoint to strengthen our inner connection to the initiates, masters and all the luminous, benevolent beings of the invisible world.

I remember a Christmas spent at the brotherhood centre in Paris, Izgrev (Sunrise).The master told us how one of the young children had exclaimed on first seeing the master- ‘It’s Papa Noel!’ (Father Christmas).And in a spiritual sense that child was right. The master’s words are a blessing and gift to the world. And also like Jesus, the Buddha and the other initiates and teachers, he is constantly working to send pure, beneficial energies of light, love, harmony, hope, faith and joy to all those who are prepared to receive them. In his words-

Those who live and work according to divine rules will vibrate in unison with heavenly beings and they will receive messages and gifts: blessings of love and light; of peace, harmony and joy.

May the forces of light, love and purity conquer all darkness! And may a new life of love, peace and brotherhood be established on earth!

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov- Father Christmas to the World!

Hope you all have a Christmas full of light, joy and warmth. Thanks for reading Words of Light! SJJ

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