Why do we fall in love?

Most men and women don’t know what it is that attracts them to one another.
They are aware of an attraction but unaware of what gives rise to it. It isn’t
people’s youth, beauty, wealth or power that inspires love. These assets may
motivate some people to spend time with a person, but what they are experiencing
isn’t real love, for if this person loses one or another of these external
advantages, the others will abandon him or her in no time.

What is the origin, then, of this attraction that gives rise to love? Two
entities, two energies, encounter each other in space, and imponderable, fluidic
exchanges are established magnetically between them. It is this encounter that
gives birth to love, with each receiving from the other the elements he or she
lacks and has been unable to find elsewhere. We are often astonished by the ties
that develop between certain people; on the face of it, nothing should have
brought them together. Well, this can be explained by those subtle exchanges
that take place between them without their knowledge.

Heaven places souls on your path Love is an exchange between two currents of
energy, between two opposite but complementary poles. It isn’t the physical
body that inspires love; this often comes into play only as an outcome, at the
end of the process; it merely follows on. Love is inspired by something
invisible. People attach far more importance to the body than it really
deserves. People die, but their souls, which are alive, continue to meet. It is
people’s inner life that creates attraction or repulsion. Before their bodies
are attracted to each other, there are fluidic exchanges that lead them to
approach each other. Their bodies simply follow this movement at the end of the

Of course, the first thing people notice in others is their outward appearance,
their physical aspect, their profession or social position. But these assets
don’t impress people for long unless they sense that behind these externals
there is something subtle and alive that corresponds to what they need in the
deepest part of themselves. So if you want to find real love, work on yourself,
create something within that is pure, luminous, poetic, musical, and you will
attract men and women who are also looking for purity, light, poetry and music.
Never forget that it is here, in these subtle vibrations, in these currents of
energy, that you will find what is essential.

You meet someone and are immediately attracted to him or her: this person is
like a vessel filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of
wonder, inspires you, expands your horizons and reveals the beauties of heaven
and earth to you Give thanks, rejoice, and if you want to keep this joy forever
try to keep a certain distance at first. Consider your discovery of this being
who enlightens, vivifies and strengthens you as a gift from heaven. If you
listen to this advice and do your best to apply it, you will never lack such

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy

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  1. hi ,the words of the Master always inspire me,it makes me to want to be a better person,I try everyday but very seldom succeed.But i still persevered wish i was there when the Master was alive as i have so many questions which will remained unanswered! I do wish one day i could go to Bonfin in France just to see how people gather to meditate, love each other ,I love readings The Master books ,it helps immensely even though i am weak and insignificant,but still i have an ideal!!Denise from London


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