The seeds of happiness

In these extracts from ‘The seeds of happiness’ the master talks about how true and lasting happiness depends on a particular type of inner work where the powers of thought, imagination and will power are put to use.

‘You want to be happy? True happiness lies in activity, but in activity of a higher order than that which allows people to earn a living to support themselves or their family. Such work is obviously necessary, but it is not enough. To be happy,  learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination and willpower, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony and light. It is in this work that you will find true happiness, and whatever the circumstances, nothing will prevent you from carrying it out.

Upheavals in society can put a halt to your usual activities, but you can continue your inner work everywhere, even in the most difficult conditions –even in the other world. Because no one has the power to take your intelligence, your heart, or your will from you; they are the only true aids you can always count on.

So, it is in your heads that something needs to change; it is within yourselves that you should look for happiness. For once you have learnt to be happy inwardly, you will always be happy, whatever the circumstances. Even in the worst possible conditions you will still be able to communicate with heavenly beings and feel yourselves fulfilled and overflowing with love.

If the cause of your happiness is inside you, nothing or nobody will ever be able to take it away from you. The day you begin to see things this way will mark the beginning of liberation, immortality and eternity of you. To be sure, we all have material needs, but not nearly as many as we imagine. When fate obliges you to suffer certain privations, remind yourselves that it is an opportunity for you to seek another direction, a different path in your souls and spirits.

When external paths seem closed to you, turn inwards and begin to work with your thought, imagination and will, and little by little you will sense that unimaginable horizons are opening up within you. If you try to understand the language of destiny, you will always be happy and grateful to heaven for leading you to discover secret regions of such wealth.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      The Seeds of Happiness

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