Twin Souls

Every human being possesses a twin soul.  When the first human being leaped like a flame, a spark, from the bosom of his creator, he was two in one and each of his two halves was the perfect complement of the other. Later, these two halves became separated, each of them taking a different direction and evolving in its own way. During the course of their evolution they sometimes meet and, if they recognize each other, it is because each carries the image of the other in the depths of his being; each has put his seal on the other. Every human being, therefore, carries the portrait of his sister soul within him; it may be a hazy image but it is there, and this is why every man and woman comes to earth with the vague hope of finding a soul who will fulfil all his needs and with whom he may be united in total harmony.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Love and Sexuality Part 1     

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You all know this; every one of you has always held on to the belief that, one day, you would meet that dear soul whose face you know so well. You continue to bear this image within even though it is so deeply buried that you cannot see it clearly. Every now and then you will see someone in the street and exclaim, ‘That’s it. There he (she) is!’ as though the image within you and the face you were looking at had suddenly fused into one. In that instant, your whole life is changed and you do everything you can to find that person again. When you find her, or him, and speak to her, everything becomes marvellous, you feel life coursing through your being and you make progress in every area. And then, after a brief period of intimacy, you are disappointed, because you realize that this person is not really the one you were looking for, so you leave her and begin searching again. The same thing can happen a second time: once again you love her, and joy and inspiration flow within you. But the outcome is the same: once again you realize that this is not the being you have been looking for.

‘Then it was all a mistake?’ you will ask?  ‘That person was not my sister soul at all?’ Yes and no. It was your other half that came to visit you from the world beyond and who used this person as a vehicle for, very often, the two halves do not reincarnate at the same time. What really happens then, when someone gets this feeling that they have found their twin soul? From where she is in the world beyond, our sister soul thinks of us, wants the best for us and wishes us to be happy and, thanks to the mysterious bond between us, she senses our aspirations to a higher life, to beauty. So, in order to be with us for a little while, she enters another being. That is why, for example, a woman may suddenly find her beloved in a man; her sister soul has entered a temporary abode in this man without the man even be aware that he is inhabited. However as the woman (or the man- the same is true for both sexes) usually feels the need for physical relations with the man she has fallen in love with, her sister soul is driven away in sorrow. The man makes the most of this error on the part of the woman who has taken him for her twin soul and gradually, she begins to see that he is a liar and a thief and that her beloved has left her. Perhaps he will come back again in another man.

But the same experience is likely to repeat itself over and over again until people really understand the sacred aspect of love. When this happens, the two halves will really be able to come together: they will love each other, clothe each other in robes of light and dwell in perfect happiness, with no desire to look for less subtle contact. They will know that to do that would be to sever the bonds that unite them to the primordial Light. But, before people reach this happy state, they are going to have countless disastrous experiences.

You may have been with a man or a woman, for a while, like a pot with a lid that doesn’t fit. But two souls that God has created together fit each other, nothing can tear them apart and they have no fear of being separated… A woman sometimes loves a man and he goes off with another woman; a man loves a woman and she leaves him for someone else… But twin souls can never do that, they recognize each other with absolute certainty and never abandon each other.

Human beings encounter their sister soul twelve times in the course of their earthly reincarnations. More often than not, however, this encounter leads to death because the conditions of their lives prevent the accomplishment of such a perfect, absolute love. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is about this encounter between twin souls.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Love and Sexuality Part 1

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