The feet and the solar plexus- reservoir of life forces

It is more than likely that, in the ordinary circumstances of your lives, you have noticed the link between the feet and the solar plexus. If you had cold feet, for instance, you may have been aware of a certain tenseness in the solar plexus and if you ate when you felt like that you will probably have had indigestion! Whereas if you start by having a hot footbath, you will feel the plexus relaxing, which gives you a warm, pleasant feeling and puts you in a good mood!

When you have to face a very painful situation or meet someone you dislike, your solar plexus tightens up and you feel out of humour. But if you meet someone you are fond of or see something lovely (a waterfall, a mountain, a garden full of flowers) you feel expansive. Why?



Obviously not everyone feels these reactions or, at least, not everyone is aware of them. Not everybody is capable of feeling and analysing what goes on in their solar plexus. But disciples of a spiritual teaching must become more and more sensitive and more and more conscious and capable of observing what goes on inside them. The solar plexus becomes their guide: it gives them all kinds of information about all kinds of people and things. people sometimes speak of a sixth sense: that sixth sense is the solar plexus.

The solar plexus is an extremely important centre for us and we must avoid whatever makes it tense, because this leads to the contraction of the blood vessels and other tracts and canals in the body. And when the blood or other body fluids cannot circulate properly, waste products are deposited on the walls of the vessels and lead, in the long run, to serious health problems.

What most demagnetises the solar plexus?

The things that most disturb the plexus (and, consequently, also the internal organs: liver, kidneys, stomach etc) are fear, anger, worry, doubt and immoderate love. Chaotic thoughts and emotions destroy the harmony of the solar plexus and as it is the reservoir of life forces, the result of this disharmony is a total loss of all one’s magnetic force.

When you have a shock or a sudden fright you find yourself without an once of strength: your legs give way beneath you, your hands tremble and your mind is paralysed. This means that your solar plexus has been drained of all its strength.

How to replenish the Solar Plexus

So, the solar plexus can be emptied, but it can also be filled and it is this that you need to learn, how to fill your solar plexus. I shall give you some different methods:

FountainYou can strengthen your solar plexus by watching and listening to running water: a fountain, s spring or a waterfall. These methods are so simple they seem insignificant, but they produce very good results. Running water influences the solar plexus which sets to work to expel harmful elements. We often watch running water without realising the use we could make of it so it does not produce any great results.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       Spiritual Alchemy-The Feet and the Solar Plexus

For another method of replenishing the solar plexus with vital forces:

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