Working together with love for light- brotherhood ‘centres of light’

Today I am posting a longer extract from ‘Life and Work in an Initiatic School’ in which the master describes an important exercise, practised by his disciples in brotherhood centres throughout the world. These ‘centres of light’ are spiritual communities where disciples of  Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gather regularly to eat, pray and work together- trying to implement in our imperfect way, the divine principles of love and light in daily life.

The extract first touches on how important love is in the spiritual life- true spirituality, true light is indivisible from love, but love that that has been washed and educated a bit!! In the day to day life of fraternal centres we get ample opportunity to develop an unselfish, brotherly/sisterly love for each other.

The spiritual laser

The exercise the master describes is what he called ‘the spiritual laser’ – a collective meditation on white light. It is capable of producing a powerful current of spiritual energy when it is practised with concentration. We practice it two or three times a day whenever we are united at a centre- it is an intense prayer for humanity and the world- an effort to increase light and love and dispel hatred and darkness.

The featured photo shows the Doves Nest, the brotherhood centre in the UK (East Sussex). The photo below is of the meditation and dining room at the Bonfin, Frejus, France. This is where the master lived for over 40 years and gave most of his lectures.

Meditation hall at the Bonfin
Meditation hall at the Bonfin, Frejus, France


To be luminous, you must love

‘If you really want to acquire inner light it is essential that you understand the importance of love. For only when you understand love correctly, when you learn how to manifest it, and how to let it flow through you, will you become luminous. Perhaps you cannot see any connection, so let me explain.

You all know that the first human beings produced fire by rubbing two bits of wood together. The friction produced heat and, eventually, fire. So there are three phases: movement, heat and light. If we interpret this phenomenon, we could say that movement corresponds to an activity of the will; heat corresponds to feelings produced by the heart, and fire, light corresponds to thoughts produced by our mental faculties.

In the realm of love, human beings go no further, metaphorically speaking, than the phase of movement. True, this movement produces some heat, but they need to go much further if they want to penetrate the mysteries of the universe: they need to go beyond the phase of sensation and reach the realm of light.

In this last paragraph, Omraam is referring to the sublimation of sexual energy which is practised by some disciples.


The meditation and dining room at the Doves Nest UK
The Meditation and Dining Room at the Doves Nest UK

Here’s the exercise-

A Collective Meditation on Light

When we are gathered together in silence, leave all cares to one side and concentrate on light, as though everything, your very life depended on it. Think of it as though you were living your last moments and light is the only thing that can save you. Bind yourself to light- cling to it. Nothing else matters. There is no exercise more marvellous than this.

You can picture a white incandescent light and, joining your voice to that of the initiates, say: ‘I am a particle of the particles of the incandescent soul.’ If you prefer, you can picture purple, blue, green, yellow, orange or red light, but it is really best to work with white light, for white combines and unites all the colours. White can give you the omnipotence of purple; the peace and truth of blue; the wealth and eternal youth of green; the wisdom and knowledge of yellow; the health, vigour and vitality of orange and the activity and dynamic energy of red.

So, above all, work with white light. Once you succeed in concentrating completely on light, once you are able to sense it as a vibrant, pulsating ocean of peace, happiness and joy, then you will also begin to sense it as perfume and as music, that cosmic music that we call the music of the spheres, the song of the universe.

There is no more worthy, more glorious, or more potent work than this work with light. If you seriously want to devote yourself to something truly great and noble, this is it; there is none other.

Devote more and more time to thinking about light. It is the only activity that can make you truly rich and healthy. Believe me, all other activities, even those that bring you a few little advantages, rob you of so many other, far more precious things Cast your mind back over your past life and you will see how true this is.

So henceforth, whether you are here, at the Bonfin, at home, or anywhere else, remember to link yourself to this source of all blessings: light, nothing but light.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Life and Work in an Initiatic School-   Matter and Light


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