Be careful who you love

Here is a short passage from the master on the importance of loving wisely:

‘So many people carelessly attach themselves to men and women who cut them off from the spiritual world. When near such people, they forget prayer, meditation, study and they even lose their good qualities. On the pretext of loving them, they accept to be influenced without perceiving the abyss they will soon be plunging into. They have no discernment, no criteria.

I am not against associations, friendships, love and marriage, but I must warn you. Don’t become attached to someone who does not help you get closer to the Lord, nor enlighten you, purify or ennoble you, and so on. Forgetting the source of love- which can quench everyone’s thirst day and light- only to drink in very small swamps and puddles, hoping to be fulfilled and filled with wonder, well, that is not reasonable. You can love- and you must love- all creatures. But be careful, and let yourselves be influenced only by those who can unite you with the divine source.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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