Month: March 2018

Mauve Daisy

Spring meditation -seeds sown in spiritual soil

Every year in the spring the sun begins to warm the seeds that have been planted, and says to them, ‘Now is the time to emerge, grow, develop, produce flowers and fruits. Get to work!’ – ‘But we are small and weak.’ – ‘No, no, try, you will see, I will help you.’ All these seeds then take heart, and every day, with its warmth and its light, the sun speaks to them. And some time later, magnificent plants begin to appear, and they are a source of joy for all. This same phenomenon can also take place in humans, for we are also seeds, sown in spiritual soil. If we learn to open ourselves to the rays of the divine sun, we will produce colours, perfumes and flavours so extraordinary that even celestial beings will be amazed. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Shopping woman's legs and bags

Consumerism is a sacrifice of human life

The economy has become the great preoccupation of people today; and in the interest of the economy, they feel obliged to hurry everywhere, to strain and exhaust themselves because they have to produce more and more, in order to sell more and more, so they can buy more and more, and so on. And all those we do not find sufficiently ‘profitable’, are eliminated. But what is this economy in which we find it acceptable to sacrifice human beings? It may certainly be flourishing more and more, while humans destroy not only their nervous systems; their hearts, their stomachs, and their lungs suffer as well. Because all this activity, all this production and accelerated consumption bring with it pollution which poisons the atmosphere, water, earth, food, and so on. Where is the intelligence in this? What has happened to reason? An ‘economy’ which spoils, destroys, pollutes, and squanders, is this really a true economy? Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Tibetan monk and prayer flags

A prayer of self-consecration

In this extract from ‘A New Earth’, the  master explains how an ardent, sincere prayer of self- consecration frees us from the control of our lower nature: “As we do not know what plans God has in mind for us, we must ask him to enlighten us, and if there are some still some dark areas that we do not understand, we need to implore him to take possession of us. We can say: ‘Lord, I still do not understand, but please do what needs to be done. Make me do your will, seize hold of me even without my knowing it. Use me, take possession of me, come and dwell within me. This is why we must implore and clamour to be used by heaven. Say, ‘At last I understand, I can do nothing about my lower nature; it is too stubborn, tough and corrupt. It will never change. I beseech you, heavenly beings, send me the most marvellous, perfect creatures to act in my stead, to guide and instruct me and take control …