Year: 2018

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Daily Meditation for Christmas Day 2018

Creation is the work of the masculine principle and the feminine principle. As soon as these two opposing and complementary poles find themselves in each other’s presence they set to work to create. And because this law applies in all the regions of the universe, it also governs the behaviour of human beings. From the moment a man and a woman meet, he becomes active and dynamic, whereas she becomes receptive. But there are obviously exceptions. Initiates, who have gone much deeper into the understanding of all natural phenomena, have learnt to use this law of polarisation in spiritual life. Of course, in spiritual life it is not men and women that are at work, but divine principles, and in order to develop within them the feminine qualities of receptiveness, humility, gentleness, goodness and obedience, initiates put themselves in the presence of the masculine principle- the heavenly father. And to develop the masculine qualities of strength, willpower and boldness, they enter into contact with the feminine principle- the divine mother. Because they work on the …

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Learn to be generous and you will become richer

Try to forget all the things you lack. How can you feel lonely, impoverished or humiliated when you have the opportunity of using your thoughts to embrace the whole universe and unite with all the light beings that live within it? No one can take these treasures away from you. What does it take to make you understand that you live in affluence, and that you can also help others with this abundance? Seek at least to look at them with love and to send them some beneficial particles from your heart. Not only will you then feel happy and fulfilled, you will no longer feel that you are lacking things. Learn to be generous and you will become richer. In wanting to take, you instead become poorer. If you become wealthier by giving, it means that you set unknown forces in motion – ones that were dormant and stagnating deep down within. Once you decide to project these forces, they will begin to flow and circulate. You will even ask yourself, ‘How is this …


Initiation into cosmic consciousness

The purpose of initiation is to extract a human being from the limited circle of their lower self in order to project them into the limitless circle of cosmic consciousness. This consciousness already lives within them, but they are not yet clearly conscious of it. The consciousness you have of yourself is limited to your lower self which manifests in your everyday life. But this lower self is not yet you. ‘You’ are also your higher self, your sublime self also living and working within you, but of which you are not yet fully conscious. This higher self wants to know itself through the lower self, even in the dense matter of the physical body. It already knows itself up above, of course, but it wants to know itself down below also. Thanks to the efforts you make to imagine your higher self coming closer, you will one day experience such enlightenment that your consciousness will know no more limits. You will be in the light and you will finally feel at one with your …

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Our true roots- the divine world

When human beings neglect the bond that unites them with the divine world, they cut themselves off from their true roots and have great difficulty in giving meaning to life. The divine world is not like a foreign country that lies outside of us and that we can ignore without consequences. The divine world is our inner earth, our original earth, it is the world of our soul and our spirit, and by cutting ourselves off from it, we deprive ourselves of the resources we need most to live. Some people, when faced with life’s hardships, instinctively regain the contact with this higher world which is their true homeland. But this is not enough. We must be conscious at all times in our daily lives of the presence within us of this world that is so rich and powerful, where we can endlessly draw on strength, courage, inspiration and so on. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Happiness -fulfilling the needs of the soul

Love is a force that opens up great possibilities

At one time or another you have met a man or a woman who has inspired in you a deep feeling of affection. Did you notice the transformations that this feeling alone produced within you? Suddenly you began to think and behave differently, not only towards this person, but with everyone around you. Even your relationship with nature and objects changed. So many things that you did not see or feel before begin to reveal themselves to you, encouraging you to pursue other interests! Because love is a force and this force acts on you, it influences your mind, your will, and even your body and it opens up great possibilities for you. Love is like the fuel in your car: if your tank is full, you can go a long way, but if it is empty, how far can you go? And if love is missing, where can you go? Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Perspiration of the soul

Perspiring is good for your health. But perspiring physically, i.e. sweating, is not enough, and do not be surprised if I tell you that the soul and the spirit must also perspire. Love makes the soul perspire and wisdom makes the spirit perspire. Of course the word perspiring must be understood in a very wide sense. Perspiration symbolizes a perfect exchange that is established between the microcosm (humankind) and the macrocosm (the universe). Physically, these exchanges occur through the skin, as we discard waste and absorb energy through the skin. In the subtle plane, however, these exchanges occur through the aura, which is our spiritual skin. So, if I say that, like our physical body, our soul and our spirit must also perspire, I am referring to the exchanges we must make in the subtle planes with divine wisdom and love. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations In other talks, the master gave further pointers on how these exchanges between the human soul and spirit and the universe can take place. For instance playing and singing …

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Why do we fall in love?

Most men and women don’t know what it is that attracts them to one another. They are aware of an attraction but unaware of what gives rise to it. It isn’t people’s youth, beauty, wealth or power that inspires love. These assets may motivate some people to spend time with a person, but what they are experiencing isn’t real love, for if this person loses one or another of these external advantages, the others will abandon him or her in no time. What is the origin, then, of this attraction that gives rise to love? Two entities, two energies, encounter each other in space, and imponderable, fluidic exchanges are established magnetically between them. It is this encounter that gives birth to love, with each receiving from the other the elements he or she lacks and has been unable to find elsewhere. We are often astonished by the ties that develop between certain people; on the face of it, nothing should have brought them together. Well, this can be explained by those subtle exchanges that take …

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The seeds of happiness

In these extracts from ‘The seeds of happiness’ the master talks about how true and lasting happiness depends on a particular type of inner work where the powers of thought, imagination and will power are put to use. ‘You want to be happy? True happiness lies in activity, but in activity of a higher order than that which allows people to earn a living to support themselves or their family. Such work is obviously necessary, but it is not enough. To be happy,  learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination and willpower, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony and light. It is in this work that you will find true happiness, and whatever the circumstances, nothing will prevent you from carrying it out. Upheavals in society can put a halt to your usual activities, but you can continue your inner work everywhere, even in the most difficult conditions –even in the other world. Because no one has the power to take your intelligence, your heart, or …

The earth, nature

Reincarnation and evolution

In order to evolve we must, during the course of our successive incarnations, experience all the situations and conditions a human being is destined to know. This requires that we each strive to broaden our understanding of life, because from one incarnation to another, not only can we change sex, but also be born in different countries, in different social classes, and belong to different groups and different religions. And as such, what could possibly be the point of racism, nationalism, class struggles, the battle between the sexes, or religious conflict? In reality they are based on nothing concrete. Our spirit travels through time and space, and the differences humans claim exist between them are but artificial creations produced by ignorant brains. One day, nothing will remain of these narrow-minded views, for no one is justified in such claims. Only those who work for unity have the right approach. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov A thought which has particular relevance for the political and social situations in many countries at the moment! The master’s teaching on brotherhood …

Twin Souls

Every human being possesses a twin soul.  When the first human being leaped like a flame, a spark, from the bosom of his creator, he was two in one and each of his two halves was the perfect complement of the other. Later, these two halves became separated, each of them taking a different direction and evolving in its own way. During the course of their evolution they sometimes meet and, if they recognize each other, it is because each carries the image of the other in the depths of his being; each has put his seal on the other. Every human being, therefore, carries the portrait of his sister soul within him; it may be a hazy image but it is there, and this is why every man and woman comes to earth with the vague hope of finding a soul who will fulfil all his needs and with whom he may be united in total harmony. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov      Love and Sexuality Part 1      You all know this; every …

Aquarius -a new era

The coming era of Aquarius will be an era of knowledge, but not the dry, intellectual knowledge we have everyday with people who are educated, even erudite, but not alive. The symbol of Aquarius is an image of wisdom: an old man holding a pitcher from which he pours the waters of life. The knowledge of Aquarius is the knowledge that brings life, that awakens and stirs us to life. People may know all about germs and microbes, they may know about the stars and the planets, but they don’t know  how to live.. The water pouring from the old man’s pitcher symbolizes the fact that we need to let the water flow in order to make everything within and around us grow and flourish. water brings life, but people forget that, they are dry and thirsty, What they need above all in their lives is living water, the water of life. That is why, even though Aquarius is the symbol of knowledge, it is not linked to the brain, but to the solar plexus, …

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The feet and the solar plexus- reservoir of life forces

It is more than likely that, in the ordinary circumstances of your lives, you have noticed the link between the feet and the solar plexus. If you had cold feet, for instance, you may have been aware of a certain tenseness in the solar plexus and if you ate when you felt like that you will probably have had indigestion! Whereas if you start by having a hot footbath, you will feel the plexus relaxing, which gives you a warm, pleasant feeling and puts you in a good mood! When you have to face a very painful situation or meet someone you dislike, your solar plexus tightens up and you feel out of humour. But if you meet someone you are fond of or see something lovely (a waterfall, a mountain, a garden full of flowers) you feel expansive. Why?   Obviously not everyone feels these reactions or, at least, not everyone is aware of them. Not everybody is capable of feeling and analysing what goes on in their solar plexus. But disciples of a …

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We do not exist outside of God

‘We must reach a level of consciousness where we actually feel that we are a part of the Lord and that we do not exist outside of God. For this is the reality – no one can exist outside of the Lord. He created us, he nourishes us, and gives us life. Some people might say, ‘The Creator? But I have nothing to do with him! I am a free and independent individual!’ Well, that is the biggest mistake. No creature is independent. Those who, in their conscience, cut their link with the Creator in order to be independent, actually cut themselves off from the Source of life, they become no more than a grain of dust. Try to understand that you do not exist as a separate entity; only he, the Creator, exists, and through you, he accepts to be small, weak and sickly. If you meditate in this way for years, until you feel that you are nothing but a part of the Creator, gradually, you will truly become one with him.’ Omraam …

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Learn to open yourself up, to give

You do not realise just how rich and full your life can become, but on one condition: that you learn to open yourself up, to give, to become more fraternal, and more generous. Why do you always wait for others to take the first step, to greet you and to smile at you? Do not wait any longer. It is now up to you to project ever more light and love, to perfume the atmosphere around you with your emanations. Then, even the stones on the road will quiver as you pass by, and all who approach you will sense a mysterious vibration communicated to them. Humans are capable of animating and spiritualizing matter, and not just the matter of their own cells, but the whole of nature around them, even the stones. And they will succeed the day they learn how to tear particles of light and love from their heart and soul. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Daily Meditations

The Doves Nest UWB UK

Working together with love for light- brotherhood ‘centres of light’

Today I am posting a longer extract from ‘Life and Work in an Initiatic School’ in which the master describes an important exercise, practised by his disciples in brotherhood centres throughout the world. These ‘centres of light’ are spiritual communities where disciples of  Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gather regularly to eat, pray and work together- trying to implement in our imperfect way, the divine principles of love and light in daily life. The extract first touches on how important love is in the spiritual life- true spirituality, true light is indivisible from love, but love that that has been washed and educated a bit!! In the day to day life of fraternal centres we get ample opportunity to develop an unselfish, brotherly/sisterly love for each other. The spiritual laser The exercise the master describes is what he called ‘the spiritual laser’ – a collective meditation on white light. It is capable of producing a powerful current of spiritual energy when it is practised with concentration. We practice it two or three times a day whenever we …

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Be careful who you love

Here is a short passage from the master on the importance of loving wisely: ‘So many people carelessly attach themselves to men and women who cut them off from the spiritual world. When near such people, they forget prayer, meditation, study and they even lose their good qualities. On the pretext of loving them, they accept to be influenced without perceiving the abyss they will soon be plunging into. They have no discernment, no criteria. I am not against associations, friendships, love and marriage, but I must warn you. Don’t become attached to someone who does not help you get closer to the Lord, nor enlighten you, purify or ennoble you, and so on. Forgetting the source of love- which can quench everyone’s thirst day and light- only to drink in very small swamps and puddles, hoping to be fulfilled and filled with wonder, well, that is not reasonable. You can love- and you must love- all creatures. But be careful, and let yourselves be influenced only by those who can unite you with the …

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Spring meditation -seeds sown in spiritual soil

Every year in the spring the sun begins to warm the seeds that have been planted, and says to them, ‘Now is the time to emerge, grow, develop, produce flowers and fruits. Get to work!’ – ‘But we are small and weak.’ – ‘No, no, try, you will see, I will help you.’ All these seeds then take heart, and every day, with its warmth and its light, the sun speaks to them. And some time later, magnificent plants begin to appear, and they are a source of joy for all. This same phenomenon can also take place in humans, for we are also seeds, sown in spiritual soil. If we learn to open ourselves to the rays of the divine sun, we will produce colours, perfumes and flavours so extraordinary that even celestial beings will be amazed. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Consumerism is a sacrifice of human life

The economy has become the great preoccupation of people today; and in the interest of the economy, they feel obliged to hurry everywhere, to strain and exhaust themselves because they have to produce more and more, in order to sell more and more, so they can buy more and more, and so on. And all those we do not find sufficiently ‘profitable’, are eliminated. But what is this economy in which we find it acceptable to sacrifice human beings? It may certainly be flourishing more and more, while humans destroy not only their nervous systems; their hearts, their stomachs, and their lungs suffer as well. Because all this activity, all this production and accelerated consumption bring with it pollution which poisons the atmosphere, water, earth, food, and so on. Where is the intelligence in this? What has happened to reason? An ‘economy’ which spoils, destroys, pollutes, and squanders, is this really a true economy? Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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A prayer of self-consecration

In this extract from ‘A New Earth’, the  master explains how an ardent, sincere prayer of self- consecration frees us from the control of our lower nature: “As we do not know what plans God has in mind for us, we must ask him to enlighten us, and if there are some still some dark areas that we do not understand, we need to implore him to take possession of us. We can say: ‘Lord, I still do not understand, but please do what needs to be done. Make me do your will, seize hold of me even without my knowing it. Use me, take possession of me, come and dwell within me. This is why we must implore and clamour to be used by heaven. Say, ‘At last I understand, I can do nothing about my lower nature; it is too stubborn, tough and corrupt. It will never change. I beseech you, heavenly beings, send me the most marvellous, perfect creatures to act in my stead, to guide and instruct me and take control …

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How to capture divine energies

Today, I am posting a Daily Meditation that hints on how we can mange to capture divine energies circulating throughout space: ‘To channel water, you dig ditches; to light your house, you install electric wires; and to receive radio and television programmes, you need equipment with circuits that will transmit sound and images. Why these examples? To help you understand that human beings need to inscribe something in themselves – circuits and channels – in order to capture divine energies and allow them to circulate. How can people think that God’s wisdom, love and willpower will find a path in them if they have prepared nothing, if they have not prepared the way? This path is etched by your actions, but also, of course, by the thoughts and feelings which anticipate these actions. If nothing is prepared, the divine energies which circulate in space will not flow to you, they will go elsewhere.’ Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     Daily Meditations Practising the daily breathing exercises recommended by the master can help to etch the circuitry: Breathe …