Month: November 2017

Christmas Candles- Advent

Thought for Advent- on the flame of the Spirit

As advent begins, Christians all over the world will be lighting candles, and gazing at their flames-beautiful symbols of the Holy Spirit and the Christ. So specially for this season, here is an extract from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on the flame as a symbol of the divine spirit that lives within each of us: ‘A flame is something so fragile that the slightest breeze can extinguish it. But if you nourish a tiny flame it will become a great blaze, and the winds that once threatened its existence will fan it until it burns so fiercely that nothing can resist it. How is that the same cause, the wind, can produce effects so diametrically opposed? The reason is simple: it is because the flame- and we -react differently to the same thing, depending on whether we are weak or strong. A flame is a symbol of the spirit, and if you neglect it and fail to nourish it, the least difficulty will extinguish it. However, those who have strengthened their spirit through prayer, meditation and …

Glitter path on water

True life is living in harmony with God’s plans

Generally, people devote their days to the satisfaction of their desires and the realization of their ambitions. They rarely question the nature of all these calculations, designs and projects. Do they ever think to turn to heavenly beings and ask, ‘O luminous spirits, are we in harmony with your plans? What is your opinion? What do you have in mind for us? Where and how must we work to accomplish your will?’ Very few ask themselves these questions. Nothing, however, is more important for a human being than to ask the beings of light in the invisible world to enable them one day to carry out the projects of heaven. Because at that very moment, their whole life changes: they are no longer guided by their whims, their weaknesses, and their blindness. In their efforts to know divine will, they put themselves on a different track; they take a direction which corresponds to God’s plans, and that is the true life! Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Daily Meditations