Prayer at times of trouble

You will often have noticed how those people for whom prayer is a natural, spontaneous response are better equipped than others when faced with suffering and misfortune. Because they are able to struggle free from the darkness and heaviness of the earth and address the heavenly powers, they experience less bitterness and discouragement. Some of the trials we have to live through may be related to the collectivity and be impossible to avoid. Take war, for example: during a war, no one is spared one way or other. But those who pray, who call on the power of the spirit, change their inner state, and even if outwardly events are the same for everybody, where others around them allow themselves to be overwhelmed, these people receive help from the light. And thanks to this help, they can also support and encourage others.

When you pray, unite yourself with the multitude of spirits who are concentrating at this same moment on the Lord. Imagine this entire, immense assembly of magnificent beings throughout the world who are addressing themselves to God, and unite with them. If you want to make a request, the secret is not to remain alone, but to join a collectivity. When an individual makes a request to the government, no one listens, but if the demand comes from an entire people, it is taken into consideration. When you join the collectivity of all those in the world who are praying, yours will no longer be a lone voice in the desert of life. It will be accompanied by the voices of thousands of others who are petitioning heaven for more light, more love and more justice on earth, so that the kingdom of God and his justice may become a reality. Because of the power of the collectivity, this prayer is always granted, and you too will be a beneficiary.

Extracts from the Daily Meditations   Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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