The Lotus within- symbolism of leaves, flowers and fruits

A human being represents a tree with its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. All people have roots, a trunk and branches but very few receive the kiss of spring: most of them are barren. They bear no fruit nor flowers nor even leaves: they are mournful winter trees, black and stark.

And yet every single human being has a lotus blossom within him But it takes a great deal of work and understanding as well as the sacrifice of a great deal of time to induce these flowers to bloom, to perfume the air with their fragrance and to form fruit. The fruits are the accomplishments of their different virtues.

In India, the concept of the birth of the divinity is symbolised by the Lotus blossom in which Krishna is born. The birth of Krishna is the birth of our higher Self within.

But there is also the myth that tells how Saturn was overthrown by his son, Jupiter, and took refuge underground where he works in the mines, and this expresses the human being’s fall into the the lowest, most dense material level, the levels of roots, and on this level light and movement are severely restricted. The higher we move up the trunk and into the the branches, the freer we are to move about and the more light, warmth and joy we find.

Leaves, flowers, fruit: these are love, wisdom and truth. Leaves represent wisdom, flowers represent love and fruit represents truth. The leaves show immense wisdom when they transform the raw sap, just as alchemists transformed base metals into gold with the help of the Philosophers’s stone. The flowers are associated with love: their colours and perfumes and the fragile purity of their petals are an attraction to all creatures. It is the flower which contains the nectar that insects feed on. Fruits represent truth, the result of the union of wisdom and love.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   Spiritual Alchemy

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