Making conscious exchanges with nature

Nature is the great book which we need to learn to decipher. It is the cosmic powerhouse to which we must be connected. But how can we make that connection? It is very simple: the secret is love. If we love nature we shall find a great force welling up in us. This is the force of love and it is a spring which, in its flowing, washes away all impurities. The waters flowing from the spring of love open up the clogged channels within us and release that marvellous exchange which brings us the elixir of everlasting life.

Gradually, as our attitude towards nature is modified, so is our destiny. If we believe that everything in nature is inanimate we deprive ourselves of a certain degree of life, but if we believe that everything in nature is alive, then everything- the stones, plants, animals, even the stars- will contribute to increasing the flow of life within us. And as the flow of life in our physical body intensifies and our spirit becomes stronger,  then true, perfect life enters into us and circulates through the solar plexus, setting up a flow of harmonious energy. It is only then that we attain true comprehension. And true comprehension is feeling.

One day we will no longer look for truth in books, we will receive it through a harmonious intercourse with the the whole of nature. Most people are content to read: they fill their minds with all kinds of information which they exhibit to others, but the lives they lead are in direct contradiction to what thy profess to know. They attach no importance to the way in which they live or to the exchanges they could have with nature. And yet, if they only knew it, nothing can more effectively restore harmony within us, cure us of our illnesses and give us a sense of fulfilment than the way we live – by the way we eat, drink, breathe and pray.

So we must believe,  and we must also learn to feel that nature is alive and that we can relate to her through a bond of love, feeling that God manifests through her.

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