Sisters unite

Women have much to reproach men for, because men have for centuries used and abused their physical superiority and their authority to force women to be in their service. Men have shown themselves to be careless, egocentric, unjust, violent and cruel. And now the situation has changed and women are gaining their independence. They are waking up and rising up. But if they get up to take revenge, the results will be no better, not even for them. Women must now show themselves generous and forgive men. Since they are the mothers, since their nature leads them to be good, tolerant, compassionate and ready to give love and to sacrifice themselves, they must not look to make men pay for everything men subjected them to.
Women must rise above their personal interests in order to awaken to higher virtues in the light. It is therefore up to all women on earth to come together, to join forces to work together and build: work on the children they bring into the world and on the men, the fathers of their children. This is how they will play their part in the regeneration of humankind.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I am also posting today the video and the chorus of a beautiful song by Ajeet Kaur, Haseya. Haseya means ‘she rises up’.  The song poetically echoes the master’s appeal for all women on earth to unite for the good of humanity. It is a beautiful expression of the divine feminine. Hope you find it inspiring!  SJJ

Haseya by Ajeet Kaur - Official Music Video

Rise up my sisters rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows

It’s in your dance
It’s in your hands
It’s in your love we rise above
It’s in your song I hear my soul

So rise up my sisters rise up
Let us lift each other up
Sing it from your heart
and from your soul


The sun and moon they shine together
She moves the waters
and dances with the heavens
In your eyes I see Haseya rise
In your eyes I see the giver of this life


Original song by Ajeet Kaur available from Spirit Voyage.

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