When the sun of spiritual love arrives

Love between human beings can often be compared to an old wood stove whose smoke is constantly blackening their inner being. In winter when this stove is in use, they keep the windows closed, there’s no air, they then doze off and lose their vitality. But then with spring, the sun of spiritual love arrives, and they open the windows very wide, pure air comes in and then they revive!
What lessons should we draw from these images? That we should keep some distance from this old wood stove – that is, from our instincts, from our lusts – for they keep the windows of our soul closed, they prevent air from coming in, they oppose what is most alive within us. And do not fear that a life modelled on moderation and reason will bore you to death. When you feel the gentle touch of divine wisdom and love, you will see for yourself that these passionate experiences that were so important to you before, will be no more than a little ash. Your inner home will become luminous and pure, and you will experience true joy.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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  1. Hi Susan, I’ve been reading so many of these inspiring thoughts this evening. I appreciate your Blog so very much and if it helps only one soul it is worth while.
    May heaven bring you blessings for this work of love you are doing.. creating heaven on Earth


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