Sunrise meditation- swimming in the sea of life

In the morning you are there at the sunrise: a luminous sphere slowly emerges from the darkness, and its brilliance eventually fills the whole of space. Dive into the light, as if you were diving into a sea of vibrating, throbbing life… You will gradually feel you are swimming in it, merging with it, breathing it, drinking it. Let yourself be absorbed in the brightness, until your worries and cares eventually dissolve in it. When you have learned to merge with the light, it will be with you wherever you go. For this reason, you should also concentrate on the light every day, several times a day, whenever you have a few minutes. Picture the whole universe and all the creatures that live in it bathing in light. And whenever you feel the kind of tiredness and discouragement that threaten to take away your faith, hope and love, think of this work with the light. It will give back meaning to your life.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    The Splendour of Tipheret

Spring’s finally here in the south of England- time to set the alarm clock to go and greet the sun! The photo shows my first sunrise of the year, taken last Sunday in the Ashdown forest. I will be posting more extracts on why the master recommends meditating at sunrise but in the meantime, here is a video I originally posted a few years ago. Hope you enjoy the beautiful photos and soundtrack as well as the master’s luminous and motivating words.

Check your local weather forecast and sunrise time and give it a go. It really is worth it! SJJ

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