Month: April 2017

Liberate the powers of the spirit

Those who do not rebel against their difficulties and hardships, but accept to understand and learn from them liberate the powers in their soul and spirit. After a time they realize that something magnificent has occurred within them as a result. Many people say they feel attracted to alchemy! Well this is the true work of alchemy. When you understand this you will be able to extract from the raw, black, formless matter of suffering, a matter that is precious, sparkling, iridescent and dazzling with a thousand colours. Since suffering is inevitable you should learn to work with it, otherwise you will resemble abandoned construction sites: when you wish to express yourself, you will not know what materials to use. You will know nothing of the life of the soul and spirit – of its immensity, its depths and its heights. Only those who know how to suffer can become creators. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov The brave heart of a snowdrop

A thought for parents and teachers

Educating a child is not simply a case of lecturing, giving orders, and punishment when they disobey. To become good educators, adults must think about the qualities and virtues that dwell within the soul and spirit of the child and then focus on the divine spark living within, to give this spark all the conditions it needs to express itself. In this way they would foster the growth of these magnificent seeds within the child later on. And because a child does not always understand what is being said, or why, you should also address their subconscious. For example when they are asleep, the parent or carer can go beside the child’s bed, and without waking them, caress them lightly, speak to them about all the good they wish them. In this way, they place deep in the child’s being, precious elements that, when revealed years later, will protect them from many mistakes and dangers. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Nurturing the unborn child

Good Friday- the cross as cosmic symbol

The cube’s compact form has made it a symbol of stability, as well as a figure of limitation, enclosure and imprisonment. But if it is opened out so that it becomes a cross, what we see is a kind of liberation. Yes, this is why we must not view the cross solely as an instrument of suffering and death; it is also a cosmic symbol expressing all of life’s possibilities. In the Gospel texts themselves, Jesus’ death is followed by his resurrection. Why? Because death is not final; it is a necessary preparatory stage for resurrection. Of course, here we need to understand resurrection from a symbolic and spiritual perspective, not a physical one. Resurrection implies firstly death and then a process of transformation, which occurs in successive phases. It can therefore be likened to a new birth. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Good Friday and the beauty of the new life

The bread and wine of the last supper

Christians know that the communion bread and wine represent the body and the blood of Christ, but few of them have looked into these symbols, which correspond to the two great cosmic principles – the masculine (bread) and the feminine (wine) – at work in all regions of the universe. Bread and wine are two solar symbols. We must look beyond the bread and wine of the Last Supper and see the sun’s two properties of light and warmth, which bring about life. The light of the sun is wisdom, and its warmth is love. That is what Jesus was implying when he said, ‘Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life.’ Therefore we must eat the body of Christ – wisdom – and drink his blood – love – in order to be transformed. It is so important to go deeper into the meaning of the images and rites presented to us by religions! The day Christians become accustomed to taking communion each morning with that great host, the rising …

Sunrise meditation- swimming in the sea of life

In the morning you are there at the sunrise: a luminous sphere slowly emerges from the darkness, and its brilliance eventually fills the whole of space. Dive into the light, as if you were diving into a sea of vibrating, throbbing life… You will gradually feel you are swimming in it, merging with it, breathing it, drinking it. Let yourself be absorbed in the brightness, until your worries and cares eventually dissolve in it. When you have learned to merge with the light, it will be with you wherever you go. For this reason, you should also concentrate on the light every day, several times a day, whenever you have a few minutes. Picture the whole universe and all the creatures that live in it bathing in light. And whenever you feel the kind of tiredness and discouragement that threaten to take away your faith, hope and love, think of this work with the light. It will give back meaning to your life. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    The Splendour of Tipheret Spring’s finally here in …

Spirit in blossom

The descent of the spirit into a human being is comparable to the arrival of spring, which allows a tree to manifest all the riches it bears within it. Roots, a trunk, and branches are not sufficient: a tree is only truly a tree when – having been worked on by the universal spirit – it begins to produce leaves, flowers, and fruits. It is the same for human beings. We possess a stomach, lungs, and a brain, but is this sufficient to call ourselves fully developed beings? No, like the roots, trunk, and branches, of a tree, our organs are only a material support upon which the spirit must work in order to bear leaves, flowers, and fruits. Symbolically, the leaves represent the activity of the stomach, flowers that of the lungs, and fruits that of the brain. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Video- Love is a spring (video)  

Happier together- the need for global unity

Is there anything to stop human beings from being brothers and sisters, from forming universal brotherhood in the world… What can stop them? The only thing that stops them is illusion, the illusion of thinking they are happier being separated from each other…but the years go by, and they are no happier. It is normal for everyone to want to live their own life, no one wants to change that: you do not have to be welded to other people nor assume their problems. You and your life remain separate and independent, but in the invisible world you are united, you form a unity. Are cells welded together in the human body or is each one individual? The cells in the heart are not the same as the cells in the stomach, each one is an individual, but their affinities, their common goal, create a state of harmony between them called health. No one is going to ask you to change your skin colour or your religion. Let everyone remain as they are, with their …