Why does hatred exist?

Animosity and hatred arise between human beings because face-to-face with one another they are never conscious that they are in the presence of a spirit, a spark that is seeking to manifest itself and that, in order to help this spirit before them, it is worth their while to be kind, patient, understanding and generous. Given the way they are used to seeing each other and what they see in each other when they meet, it is inevitable that they end up wanting to kill each other.

And even some who have, supposedly, placed the love of God and others as the foundation of their religion, do they not continue to live in hostility and confrontation? Yes. And why? Precisely because they never see beyond people’s lower nature. If they understood that there was a soul and spirit in them to which they could relate, they would feel obliged to behave differently.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Daily Meditations

The only way you can truly know reality is if you recognize the divinity in every single being, including yourself.   OMA

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