Repaying our debt to Nature

We are indebted to nature for all that she gives us: air, water, heat, sunshine, etc. And as we cannot pay off this debt with money, we are going to have to pay it in the currency of love, gratitude, and respect, and with our readiness to study everything that is written in Nature’s living book. We also pay off some of that debt when we help other creatures; when we pass on some warmth and light to them.

We cannot pay for the air we breathe with air, nor for the water we drink with water. But what we can give, what we are being asked to give, are our luminous emanations. For human beings were created in the Lord’s workshops in such a way that they are capable of radiating, shining and projecting their emanations into the entire universe. They have been given a quintessence of light and the power to ceaselessly amplify and vivify it.  They are then able to send this light out into space- on condition, of course, that they practice doing so.

On the physical plane we are strictly limited, but on the spiritual plane our possibilities are unlimited; we can give back a hundredfold all that we have received.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov     A New Earth

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