True love, found above

Inner force, balance, peace and happiness all depend on love. You must feel that love is always there within your reach, that it is in you, and that you have, therefore, no reason to believe you are weak, poor and lonely. If you have this feeling of loneliness, it proves that you are not free from the physical plane. As soon as you enter onto the subtle planes, especially the regions of the soul and spirit, you cannot feel lonely; the universal Soul and Spirit are always there close to you, within you, and you can communicate with them at any time. Whereas with a man or a woman – even the best – can you be sure that, one day or another, they will not have other commitments and be forced to leave you?
And so, even if you have found the most wonderful person on earth, do not fix your mind on him or her. Be grateful to heaven for having met such a being, but know that you will experience true love only when you manage to find it in the regions of the soul and the spirit.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I thought this was a good extract for Valentines Day!!  SJJ

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